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Corporate and Industrial Green Cleaning 


Building managers know that clean and now more than ever, sanitary buildings are a key component to occupant satisfaction.  A great deal of effort (and expense) is spent keeping corporate facilities in top shape. IEM Green's products can play a key role in accomplishing this goal. 

Our non-detergent, green certified products make it easier to clean your facilities because they work better and resist soiling because they don't leave any sticky detergent residue, that attracts soil and germs.  This results in easier nightly cleaning and in particular in restrooms, as our products lay down a high pH, protective barrier that deters bacteria growth and more noticeably odor. Nightly mopping of floors will quickly restore grout to its original color, having striped away dirt and residue left by previous cleaning products.  

The frequency of deep cleaning regimens will be greatly reduced. Carpet will stay cleaner, longer because the residual detergents have been completely dissolved. Our products also completely eliminate the need to strip and wax your floors forever! 

A secondary dimension to facility cleaning is warehouse and manufacturing facilities, where grease and oil buildup is a fact of life.  Our non-detergent product Spilt! will make easy work of eliminating oil stains, by literally dissolving in one simple application. 

Removes Oil in a Single Mopping 

Split! is a game-changer for your manufacturing facilities.  This is a before and after photo of a warehouse restroom cleaned nightly, but the built up oil residue remained.  


After a single mopping with just water and Split! the built up oil and grime is completely gone!

Oily Floor.jpg
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