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Dirty Floor

Grease and oil buildup on a factory restroom floor that had been cleaned nightly with traditional cleaners.  A single mopping with Split! non detergent cleaner completely cleaned the tile and even the difficult to clean grout. 


Before and after photo of a Nora Rubber Floor.  The dirt and scuffs have been completely eliminated with a since application of Mineral Armor.

Mineral Armor VCT.jpg

Wax is stripped from VCT flooring in a school classroom and Mineral Armor applied.  This is the last time that the floor will ever need to be stripped and waxed again.  Mineral Armor protects the floor from yellowing, scuffs and stains by creating a protective barrier that can be shined to a high gloss finish.  

In the long-term, this results in substantial savings and the strip and wax cycle is broken and the floor protected from harsh stripping chemicals. Mineral Armor was also applied on a 84 degree day, with 73% humidity.  You would never be able to apply wax in those conditions! 


Before and after of using Split! carpet and upholstery cleaner to clean an office floor from a trailer manufacturer stained with undercoating.  

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