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Commercial Cleaning

Are you ready to end the revolving door cycle of under-performing cleaning contractors at your facility?  Interior Environmental Management is a contractor who will outperform your expectations and will ensure that your building is cleaner and more sanitized than it has ever been. 


The key to IEM's success is our team members, who remain loyal for many years.  This creates a consistent presence at your facility that translates into a cleaner, healthier environment.  

IEM uses a proprietary combination of G-37 Green Certified cleaners, including Split! Restorative Cleaner and Mineral Armor that provides a healthier building and out-performs any traditional detergent cleaner. 

IEM has been the trusted cleaning partner for major corporations and schools throughout Southeastern Wisconsin for over ten years.  

Floor Care

IEM is the exclusive distributor for Mineral Armor, a nano-ceramic solid surface floor protection system that increases the level of your floor's sanitation. In addition, Mineral Armor creates an invisible shield that protects your floor.  Not only are your floors protected against scuffs and wear, but our cleaner maintains a high pH of 11, which makes the growth of bacteria impossible.

Once applied, the never-ending costly and time-consuming cycle of applying and stripping wax will end forever. 

Your floors will shine , gout will be refreshed to its original color and restroom odors will be completely eliminated.  No other commercial cleaning company in Wisconsin can make this claim, because IEM has exclusive access to this revolutionary cleaner.

Carpet Machine.png
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Traditional water-extraction carpet cleaning systems use large amounts of water, combined with sticky detergents that (mostly) bind to soil and then extract the dirt out of carpets.  This leaves a significant amount of water, and detergent residue trapped within your carpets.  After cleaning, your carpets remain damp for prolonged periods of time, which means that areas of your building must remain closed to traffic. Over time, the sticky soap left within the carpet attracts new stains, and with continued shampooing, this detergent continues to build-up. 

IEM uses a unique and proprietary carpet cleaning system that is completely detergent-free and dries within 15 minutes.  This means that there is no need to shutdown areas of your facility for long periods of time.  An added benefit is that by eliminating detergents, your carpets stay cleaner and last longer.

Facility Maintenance

Finding yourself tied to vendors for any type of mechanical breakdown, preventative maintenance, management of staff, or coordination of outside contractors? 

At Interior Environmental Management, our ultimate goal is to take as much off of your plate as possible. Additionally, for us, it’s not just about having a clean and presentable facility, but to make your life as easy as possible. 

Since maintenance of your facility is truly one of a kind, it deserves a dedicated manager and quite possibly even a team. Our unique approach to understanding your organization and facility means that when something comes up, we’re on it before it’s even an issue. 

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