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Green School Cleaning 

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Green schools are good for your students, staff and budget.  They create a safer environment for learning, while increasing student and faculty attendance by cresting a cleaner learning environment by reducing the spread of illness in classrooms, restrooms, dining and prep areas. 

Many chemicals used in cleaning solutions are not safe for inhalation or contact with the skin and are particularly harmful for children.  

Our Green Certified cleaning products ensure the highest standards of sanitation, while maintaining a safe work and learning environment for students and staff. 

The Danger of Floor Wax in Schools

Chemical striping and rewaxing has long been a necessary evil to properly maintain the longevity and appearance of school floors.  Unfortunately, this process has dark side. 

Chemicals used in the stripping process contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the eyes, skin and respiratory system.


Some stripping chemicals, like butoxyethanol, are absorbed through the skin but are so strong they damage internal organs like the liver and kidneys.

Fumes released by stripping chemicals are toxic, making the use of protective equipment necessary.  

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