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Milwaukee's Low-Moisture Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts

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Most commercial carpet cleaning processes rely on water and detergent to clean the carpet.  The sticky detergent is applied, which then bonds to the carpet fibers and is then extracted with water.  The trouble is that some of the sticky detergent remains trapped in the fibers, which then attracts more dirt.  This creates a never-ending cycle where more detergent is added with each cleaning, causing carpets to soil even quicker and diminishing their lifespan.

The IEM carpet Split! low-moisture cleaning process only uses a light mist of green certified cleaners that break the dirt down to a molecular level, which is then removed with an absorbent bonnet.  Our process will even break apart the detergent from previous cleanings, restoring your carpet to a like new condition.  

The Split! carpet cleaning process not only cleans, but also sanitizes your carpets, removing all organic material and eliminating odorsl. Since we do not use water, your carpets will be dry in minutes and not hours.  This means that high-traffic areas and offices can be cleaned, even during business hours. 

One Machine Does it All

No more trucks with hoses  extending throughout your facility.  The portable Camel cleaning machine can go anywhere in your building and plugged into any wall outlet.  The process is so simple that your current maintenance staff can clean your carpets, as well as touching up spots as they occur.  IEM is the only licensed distributor in Wisconsin, so in addition to cleaning your commercial facility's carpets, we can also provide you with the equipment and products to do it yourself. 

Cleans the Toughest Stains

Before and after images of truck undercoating that was embedded in the carpet fibers at one of our commercial cleaning customer's facility.

Commercial and Business Cleaning Only
Cleans and Sanatizes Solid Surface Floors Too

The same machine and G37 green cleaners can also clean and sanitize your hard-surface floors. Your grout will be restored and odor causing bacteria eliminated in a single treatment. Split! is NFS listed and USDA Certified, so it is safe for use in all facilities. 

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