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COVID and Virus Cleaning Disinfection Services

IEM offers virus remediation services to facilities of all sizes throughout Greater Milwaukee.  


We provide a multi-step approach to facility sanitation, that begins with a thurough cleaning of all surfaces, to remove all bacteria and organic contamination.  As mandated by the CDC, cleaning must occur before any disinfection. Once the surfaces are cleaned, we perform testing with an ATP meeter to confirm that the surfaces return zero readings to ensure that the surface is ready for disinfection.  

The next step is applying a mist of chlorine dioxide to all surfaces.  Chlorine dioxide is the newest technology in disinfection and odor elimination that kills bacteria, germs and microorganisms.  It is even effective against microorganisms that are resistant to other disinfectants.

Chilorine dioxide is also the safest disinfectant on the market, G-37 Green Certified and permitted for use in food preparations areas, and even on food.

Wisconsin's Only Green Cleaning and Disinfection Company

Disinfectants are categorized by the EPA as pesticides and some of them are harmful if not applied and disposed of properly.  Chlorine dioxide has been used for years in water purification and is complete safe to handle and apply.  It is even safe for use in healthcare environments.

All of IEM's cleaners and disinfectants are G-37 Green Certified, USDA Certified and NSF Registered. 

Do it Yourself Disinfection

In addition to providing complete cleaning and disinfection services, IEM can provide your custodial staff with all the equipment, materials and training to effectively clean and disinfect your facility.

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