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Green Cleaning for Supermarkets and Stores


The first thing your customers see are your floors and keeping them bright, clean and sanitized is imperative.  But the high traffic that retail stores receive, combined with staining from broken bottles, makes it a labor intensive and costly process.


VCT floors require frequent stripping and waxing to keep them presentable to your shoppers, while cement floors require grinding and resealing, which are expensive maintenance routines to follow.  It is estimated that labor is 90% of the cost of maintaining floors, so a reduction in that process will be a great savings to your cleaning budget.

IEM Clean's floor restoration program will keep your floors looking great, without the need to ever wax again.  They will also resist staining and bacteria growth, due to our proprietary high pH products that shield your floors from stains, while increasing hygiene levels. 

All this requires is an initial stripping of your current wax, the application of our odor-free restorative cleaner and then only regular mopping to keep your floors in pristine condition. 

The anti-microbial qualities of our restorative floor cleaning products are also beneficial for use in food prep and restrooms, ensuring the highest levels of sanitation. 

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