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Green Certified COVID and Virus Disinfection

IEM offers a totally green solution for cleaning and sanitizing buildings of bacterial and virus contaminants. Split! non-detergent cleaner ensures that surfaces are free of any organic contamination. Then, applying our EPA certified, food-safe disinfectant, chlorine dioxide to any surface, it is guaranteed to kill bacteria on any surface.  To date, no organism tested against chlorine dioxide has proved resistant to it.  

This combination of Split! and chlorine dioxide is strong enough to kill all microorganisms, but safe enough to be used around humans, and even on food.

Both products are G-37 Green, UDSA and NSF certified and chlorine dioxide is on List N of the EPA's approved list of disinfectants for COVID-19.

Both Split! and chlorine dioxide are safe and easy for your cleaning staff to use.  IEM is happy to provide free training at your site. We can also provide 24 x 7 cleaning and disinfection services with our own team of cleaners as well.

We're Here to Help!
Keep Your Locker Rooms and Sports Equipment Clean

Germs are lurking throughout your facility. 21% of locker rooms tested, had the presence of MRSA*. IEM's cleaning products have been tested to greatly eliminate infection causing bacteria on all surfaces. 

Journal of Environmental Science*

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