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Split Restorative Cleaner 

Every other green cleaning product contains detergents, which dirt clings to and then the detergent, along with the dirt is then extracted.  The trouble is that a reside of detergent remains, which then attracts more soiling, creating a never-ending cycle of cleaning


Our line of Split! non-detergent cleansers breaks this cycle by literally breaking the soil into molecules so small that they are no longer a solid and can be wiped away, leaving no residue to attract further grime.  


Split! gives you a truly clean surface that not only removes the dirt, but also the residual cleaning materials, leaving nothing behind, which will reduces the frequency of cleaning. Carpets cleaned with Split! will stay cleaner up to eight times longer than when cleaned with traditional detergent products. 

Split! gets you facility cleaner, keeps it cleaner and for lower labor costs than  any other cleaning product. 

Cleaner Carpets with Less Cleaning

The low-moisture carpet cleaning process, using Split! will result in cleaner carpets, that stay cleaner longer and will eliminate any spotting or ground-in traffic patterns in your carpets.  

Now that your carpets are free of detergent residue, your vacuum will effiecntly remove any dirt, before it becomes trapped in the carpet's fibers.  

Enjoy savings with  fewer carpet cleanings and have better looking facility, free of stains and soiled heavy traffic areas. 


ATP meters analyze measure the molecules on a surface to determine its level of hygiene and cleanliness.  Readings of under 10 are considered to be a "pass" and anything under 30 as "caution."  Detergent cleaners can reduce the levels near 30, but only Split! can reduce these levels to near, or even at "zero." 

Most bacteria and viruses live in a pH range of 4.8 to 9.2 but the majority of cleaners only have a pH of 7 to 8.5, so the bacteria remain.  Split! has a pH nearing 12, which creates an environment, where viruses and bacteria cannot survive.  A high residual pH tends to remain on cleaned surfaces, maintaining a level of clean that cannot be achieved by the residue leaving detergent cleaners.  


Are you scrubbing or mopping your floors every day? With Split! you can reduce the frequency to every other day, with just a microfiber dusting on the alternate day. Saving time, cleaners and money.

Over time, layers of soap, and dirt settle into the hard to clean grout lines that traditional cleaning protocols just don't get clean.  Split! makes easy cleaning of grout and and in restrooms, entirely eliminates the order-causing bacteria that thrives on restroom floors.

All of this is achieved with a totally green cleaner. 

Oily Floor.jpg

Split! is an incredible cleaner of oil and grease stains.  Even set-in stains will dissolve, nearly on-contact and simply wiped away.

A single moping with Split! completely dissolved the built-up grease from this factory restroom, that had been cleaned nightly with detergent cleaners. 

Split! makes easy work of cleaning carpets. This office, in a truck factory had excessive staining from undercoating.  A light mist applied, and removal with a pad and swing machine completely restored the carpet. 

Neutralizes Oil and Grease 

A frequent complaint for facility managers is that the restrooms have foul urine odor. Usually, the odor is not coming from the urinals or toilets, but the surfaces surrounding them. No matter how much daily cleaning occurs, the odor persists. The hard-surfaces around the fixture are a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria used urine as a source of food. 

Bacteria penetrate the porous surfaces, and it may come as a surprise that high-gloss surfaces like ceramic and terrazzo are porous and grout is highly porous absorbing bacteria like a sponge, becoming a breeding ground for odors that no traditional cleaner can eliminate. 

That is where Split! come into play. Split! creates a high pH barrier on the surfaces, that keep bacteria and other fluids from penetrating. Using Split! as a daily cleaner, not only deserves the dirt and grime, but neutralizes the bacteria on the surface layer. 

Eliminates Restroom Odor

Stainless Steel does not fingerprint, the polish and residual cleaning film does. Split! removes the oily residue and makes it much more resistant to fingerprints and smudges. 

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