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Green Cleaning for Hotels


Now more than ever it is important to keep your hotel clean, but today many guests adverse reactions to cleaning products or the scents they leave behind.  IEM Green offers a solution that is not only certified green, but has no odor at all and lasts longer that traditional detergent- based cleaners.  This means a cleaner property, with with less work and no harsh chemicals.  

Carpet and tile cleaning in properties that operate 24 x 7 are a challenge and an interruption to your guest's stay.  Our proprietary products will restore carpets soiled by organic matter and will be dry in less than 30 minutes.  Waxing and stripping of floors will be a thing of the past and our floor restoration products will ensure that your restrooms remain clean and odor free by creating a high pH barrier that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

This means cleaner hotels, with less effort and and expense. 

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