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Why Do Restrooms Smell?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

A frequent complaint for facility managers is that the restrooms have foul urine odor. Usually, the odor is not coming from the urinals or toilets, but the surfaces surrounding them. No matter how much daily cleaning occurs, the odor persists. The hard-surfaces around the fixture are a breeding ground for bacteria and bacteria used urine as a source of food.

Bacteria penetrate the porous surfaces, and it may come as a surprise that high-gloss surfaces like ceramic and terrazzo are porous and grout is highly porous absorbing bacteria like a sponge, becoming a breeding ground for odors that no traditional cleaner can eliminate.

That is where IEM Green's products Mineral Armor and Split! come into play. Mineral Armor creates a high pH barrier on the surfaces, that keep bacteria and other fluids from permitting and using Split! as a daily cleaner wipes away the bacteria one the surface layer.

One added benefit of IME Green's products are that they will clean your grout back to its original color without herculean effort.

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