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Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner on Windows

Split! products work by micro-splitting all organic non-solid molecules to pieces, including detergent residues left behind from glass cleaners. This residue actually attracts and holds dust, and causes fingerprints to be more likely to stick to the glass. Once detergent residues are removed from interior windows, most often they can then be cleaned with just microfiber wipers and water.

Interior Window Restorative Cleaning

  1. Dilute Split! Restorative cleaner at 12 oz per gallon of cold water in a small, open top bucket. Submerge a blue micro-fiber wiper, and wring it out thoroughly.

  2. Place just cold water in a second small, open top bucket. Submerge a green micro-fiber wiper, and wring it out thoroughly.

  3. Have available a supply(6) of clean, dry green micro-fiber wipers.

  4. Starting at the top and working down in a side to side motion, thoroughly wipe the polish off with the pre-wetted blue micro-fiber wiper, turning it over and re- folding it as you go.

  5. Then before that is dry, repeat the procedure with the pre-wetted green micro- fiber wiper.

  6. Then before that is dry, thoroughly wipe dry with a clean, dry green micro-fiber wiper. Then fan the area with the dry green wiper for a few moments. This causes the remaining moisture to evaporate, and lets you see if there are any spots that need touching up.

  7. Re-submerge the blue micro-fiber wiper in the solution and wring it out thoroughly.

  8. Re-submerge the green micro-fiber wiper in the water and wring it out thoroughly.

  9. Repeat the above steps 4 - 6 on the next section of interior windows. Helpful Hints

  10. Use any two colors of micro-fiber wipers, as it is important to know which one has the cleaner on it. Split! looks and smells like water!

  11. Place an extra wiper of each color in the appropriate bucket, so you know which on has the cleaner in it.

  12. Only clean as large of an area as you can without it drying before you get back to rinse or dry it.

  13. If you clean, rinse, dry, and fan an area, you may see small traces of remaining haze. (ghosts) Repeat the procedures only on these traces. Do not repeat the procedures on the rest of the area that already looks good!

  1. Never launder micro-fiber products with fabric softener! Should your micro-fiber stop performing well, dunk it under water and see how long it takes to darken and absorb the water. It should happen almost immediately. If it takes 20 seconds or more it has been washed with fabric softener and will no longer work.

  2. It is strongly recommended you remove all glass cleaner from your facility to prevent anyone from re-applying it. If they do, you will need to repeat the restorative procedures above.

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