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Healthcare Green Cleaning


Effective cleaning plays a vital role in in preventing healthcare associated infections.  Unfortunately, many of the products used to clean in healthcare environments, have a detrimental effect on patients and staff.  

Current restorative cleaning methods, such as floor striping and waxing, along with carpet cleaning require the displacement of staff, patients and visitors.  Damp carpets take time to dry and if using traditional detergent cleaners, resoil quickly.  Waxing becomes even more of a problem as the fumes encountered during the removal/application of waxes can't be done anywhere near where staff and patients may be.  

Our detergent-free cleaning products improve sanitation of floors and touch points, by eliminating the sticky residue left behind by disinfectant when pre-cleaning with Split!. IEM Clean products have no sent at all and are safe to use in patient areas. 

Our highly-effective green cleaning solutions will not only exceed the the performance of current products, but are significantly healthier, longer lasting, easy to apply and will save your facility cleaning time and money. 

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