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Green Cleaning in Food Processing

A clean and sanitary facility is imperative for the safe-handling and processing of food. Keeping equipment, floors and hard surfaces free of contaminants is a vital step in an overall food safety program which prevents the accidental contamination of products with residues from previous production runs, or the microorganisms that they may harbor. 

IEM Green's family of cleaners will bring your ATP sanitization readings to zero and through regular cleaning, maintain them at or near zero.  This is accomplished by maintaining high pH levels of in excess of 11, which is a level where bacteria and viruses cannot survive.  

IEM Green's cleaning products are G37 Green and USDA Certified for safe use in your processing facility, equipment and around food. 


ATP testing is used around the globe and is a recognized tool by auditors for validating cleaning processes and complies with government and HACCP regulations.

(ATP) hygiene monitoring tests are one of the most commonly used to verify cleaning effectiveness as they are simple and easy to use and provide immediate results. 

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